It Gives me immense joy for being the pioneer in the field of Thermocouple heads industry in all over india and establishing Jhanwar Associates for indian and abroad companies.

I extend my wishes to every helping hand in this effort and ensure that we at Jhanwar associates
will continue making our best efforts for our quality product. Main motive of our company is 
client satisfaction and we do our job f 

Business on your terms............
Business to your benefit..........

Being the Director for this company my whole hearted efforts would be to provide our best 
services and quality product for our customer.


The comapny is committed to quality by using best available material and employing them to machines with best available state of art production technology. The company is equiped with modern testing and quality control facilities, which are used to test Raw material quaity, Physical and Electricals test of final product.

 Mr. J. M. Maheshwari 




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